About the Book

The love of the Father, take the journey with Him.

The words of the chapters are words given directly by God, revealing His love in ordinary but powerful concepts.  As I took a long journey learning through struggles, I had a great opportunity to see God  personally, while experiencing first hand,  how powerful His love is, in a new light.  THIS BOOK WILL CAUSE YOU TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE KING.  
HALLeELUJAH!  What are you doing today that will make. Difference in your future?
your destiny awaits!


Give to you the light of God’s Love by the truth of who we are. Finding out who we are by choosing to come to the FEASTING TABLE.  A womens event that will transform the way you think about your self.
    Ps 23:5 “He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies”


Waiting on the Lord to reveal His next plan, get ready He works diligently but in an instant everything is available.  This book written and published was a journey, but now more then ever can I see tangibly how faithful God is, He will do what He said He will do.  



Mark 9:23  Anything is possible for him who Believes



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